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Fred's World Famous Barber Shop
Fred's World Famous Barbershop Established in 1980

About Fred

Fred had a motorcycle accident August 14, 2020 resulting in a severe head injury while he was traveling thru Wyoming on the way to South Dakota.
As of December 15, 2020 he is still hospitalized and his next surgery is in mid January, 2021. They will be replacing the portion of his skull that was removed to allow the brain to swell without doing further brain damage. We still do not know Fred’s final status and won’t begin to know for several more months after that surgery is completed.

Before the accident Fred, myself Fred’s wife and his dog Sadie were enjoying traveling and boon-docking or off the grid camping throughout Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota.  Here are some of our photos prior to the accident.  

Fred has enjoyed your cards and well wishes as his therapy team uses them during his various therapy sessions.  Due to COVID-19 and the intense therapy he receives no visitors are allowed including myself.  I understand how so many families are dealing with not being able to visit and hug their loved ones.  Even phone calls are very limited to his family as they attempt to make his environment as stress free as possible.  But keep those cards coming as Fred remembers each and everyone of you....I am touched by his huge family of friends and customers.

- Pat Sparkman